An innovative platform

An innovative platform, Nexdep connects court reporters, legal videographers and interpreters with the clients who need their skills, quickly and efficiently. Our cutting-edge algorithm analyzes each job session and finds the ideal service provider, bypassing the slow outdated methods still used in the industry today.

Scheduling wizards specifically designed for court reporting events, providing deposition or litigation support, among other events.

Easily manage and download digital transcripts and video, search e-transcripts, and go completely paperless with ease.

Our service providers are carefully vetted, selected from around the nation to give you access to the very best at all times.


No need to scramble at the last minute, calling around to desperately schedule a court reporter or find other professional help.

It’s right here waiting for you, hand-picked by a one-of-a-kind system that leads to a seamless experience every time. You can even upload notices, word lists or other supporting materials for your legal events, so that your service providers are prepared as can be before work begins.

Court Reporters, Interpreters and Videographers.

Never again will you have to market yourself like crazy or provide your own PR, all while trying to pay the bills.Now you can focus on the work you do best, and let us worry about finding it for you.

When you use Nexdep's cutting edge on demand scheduling system, you can accept work any time, arranging your own schedule as you see fit. Get paid online, work on engaging projects and build a business you love. Whether you specialize in interpreting, legal video, court reporting or a related skill, we’re here to help you get the job done.

Transparent Pricing

We offer transparent nationwide pricing, so that a deposition in New York costs the same as one in Florida. When you work with Nexdep, you’ll save time and money compared to traditional court reporting agencies, and you can pay online quickly, easily and securely through the Nexdep platform.